Why Intellus

What sets Intellus apart from the competition…

With every project we take on, no matter the size or scope, we strive to exceed your expectations.

We are committed to investing in the latest and greatest technology, so that we can produce and deliver the very best product imaginable.

We have created proven, data-driven strategies that will target the right audience, while providing many cost-saving solutions others simply can’t.

We have an exceptional team of people who will work with you through every step of the project, providing consistent communication and knowledge, so that it gets done the right way. And if things go wrong? Our team has the ability to quickly pivot to adapt and evolve in order to ensure the project gets back on track.

All of these things have made Intellus one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic providers of real-time, print-on-demand, direct mail and fulfillment communications. And they help us to deliver the results you want in the smartest, quickest and leanest way possible.

We’re ready for you. Are you ready for Intellus?

Security & Certifications

Your data is important to us, which is why we employ strict security measures. And our certifications help to ensure we can handle any special needs you may have.


Our systems, policies, and procedures support HIPAA, GLBA and FCRA


G7 Master